We are pleased to offer 12 traditional and two gluten-free cupcake flavours on a daily basis.

Cupcakes are $3.49 each, and tax-free when you buy 6 or more.

Save 10% when you purchase your cupcakes in dozens ($37.70).

Mini cupcakes are $9.99/dozen.
They are available in 6 flavours: Chocolate Love, Vanilla Love,
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,Lemon , Salted caramel, and Birthday cake
Minis are unfortunately not available gluten-free.
When serving parties, we recommend 3-4 minis per person

Fall/ Spring Line up 2016/2017

Chocolate love– Rich chocolate cake, rich chocolate icing. VEGAN

Vanilla love– More like a pound cake this unrefined cake is filled with flavour! Topped with pink vanilla bean frosting and white sprinkles VEGAN

Red velvet– Lightly chocolatey and bold in colour topped with cream cheese frosting and a sugar flower for a garnish DAIRY

Cookie dough– Chocolate chip cake with a sugary and delicious cookie dough frosting with flavours of brown sugar and cinnamon. VEGAN

Birthday cake– Rich chocolate cake with teal vanilla bean frosting and multi coloured sprinkles. VEGAN

Lemon love– Lemon cake filled with tart lemon curd, topped with yellow vanilla frosting and white sprinkles. VEGAN

Cinnamon Bun– Cinnamon cake with a touch of fondant and cream cheese frosting. DAIRY

Banana snowball– Banana cake with a coconut frosting and rolled in coconut. VEGAN

Salted caramel– Red velvet cake with a rich buttercream and drizzled with plenty of caramel. DAIRY

Before Eight– Chocolate cake with a green mint frosting and chocolate sprinkles. VEGAN

Nikki’s Favourite– Banana cake with a delicious cream cheese frosting. DAIRY

Pumpkin chocolate chip– This baby started it all! Iced with orange coloured cream cheese frosting this year and garnished with chocolate shavings. DAIRY

Gluten free Chocolate love– GF chocolate cake with a rich chocolate frosting. VEGAN

Gluten free Pumpkin spice– Pumpkin cake with a spice frosting. VEGAN

Minis available are Vanilla love, Chocolate love, lemon, Birthday cake, Cookie dough and Salted caramel

2016/2017 collection