Brighton Table


This collection will wow 200 guests. A blonde collection as in there is no chocolate showing, flavours can be modified however it will change the overall look of the table by adding hints of chocolate brown. This table is designed to be light and romantic with tones of white, pale pinks and greys.

Table consists of:

4 tiered cake to serve 165 ppl

Bottom tier (1st)- Cake: fresh lemon zest. Filling: fresh berries.

2nd tier- Cake: vanilla bean. Filling: dark chocolate fudge.

3rd tier- Cake: vanilla bean. Filling: lemon curd

4th tier- Cake: vanilla bean. Filling: raspberry puree

Frosted with vanilla bean buttercream. Can be done vegan or with dairy.

16 Cupcakes: vanilla with a salted caramel filling and vanilla bean frosting.

16 Mini cakes: fresh lemon zest cake with a mango frosting.

Fresh flowers are included! They will not be exactly as shown as they are a seasonal but will be stunning!

Delivery and set up are required as this cake is quite large and the flowers get placed at the venue. So it is included in the price of this package. If your venue is further than 1 hour away from the shop (downtown) , it will modify the price slightly.

Rental of all the pedestal, platters and jugs is also included in the price. Please note that the rentals must be returned within 5 days.

Can be done in a gluten free variation. Please call to inquire as we only offer banana and chocolate gluten free cake currently.

There are ways to modify this table to suit your needs more if required. That would entail a wedding consultation, please call 613 695 0109

ThimbleCakes is a nut, tree nut and sesame free bakery so your guests can enjoy without worry! We specialize in food allergies too 🙂


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