The Noreen Wedding Cake


Please note that flowers or toppers are not included

Delivery is available and different than our regular courier service. Kindly call to get a quote for wedding cake delivery

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Just a bit of texture on this cake makes it the perfect canvas for fresh flowers, fruit, macarons or all of the above!

Featured is the 6″ & 8″ & 10″ to serve 72+ppl.

Cake flavour choices in traditional and vegan are vanilla bean, rich chocolate, marbled vanilla and chocolate, chocolate chip or lemon. Gluten free cake flavour choices are chocolate, banana or a marbled cake of chocolate and banana.

Filling choices are housemade fudge, housemade lemon curd, raspberry puree, cookie dough or simply vanilla bean frosting.

Each tier can be a combination of your choice, cake and filling. The exterior is a fluffy vanilla bean frosting.

You are welcome to pick any colours you fancy as well. Please keep in mind we cannot do dark, rich colours like navy or black, red or jewel tones.

Regardless of flavour choice the price is the same. The cake can be done in a dairy version, vegan or gluten free. Without specification the cake will be done in a dairy version.


Example of how to place an order online:

In the notes section found in the shopping cart, write your preference like this:

Bottom tier: vanilla cake with cookie dough filling, blush pink frosting, no allergies (traditional)

Middle tier: chocolate cake with fudge filling, white frosting, vegan

Top tier: lemon cake with lemon curd filling, white frosting, gluten free and vegan

Requesting delivery to Strathmere on August 14th

We will reach out with a quote for the delivery and at the same time we can review anything you wish 🙂

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