ThimbleCakes makes wedding cakes simple to check off your to do list with cakes that all your guests will love. They act as the perfect canvas for your fresh flowers and topper. Use the same flowers/florist as the rest of your event so it all matches and looks like perfection. Each of our tiered cakes have multiple flavours to make sure all your guests will get what they enjoy. The bottom tier is always a blonde cake so that you can have that picture perfect moment with your new Hubbie sporting cake on his face!
We offer sample boxes of our mini cupcakes for you to try our flavours, just call or email and we'll make one up for you.


Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcakes are always a great option for weddings because there is no additional cutting cost from your venue and they display beautifully!
We rent large towers or pedestals for cupcakes too!

ottawa wedding cakes

ottawa wedding cupcakes


Imagine a table of adorable cakes all decorated slightly differently with accenting cupcakes in the same colour scheme. Add a few flowers on that table and bam, CUTESVILLE!


Why not? A tower of cupcakes and a cake to cut, perfect!


To keep your wedding goodies safe, it's best for us to deliver, however you can absolutely pick them up (2 people are best). Delivery starts at $150. We also offer set up with the delivery starting at $200.


We offer pedestals, towers, and platters of all sizes, colours and shapes. You can rent them if you are getting treats elsewhere too, we don’t mind! Cupcake towers rent for $50, while pedestals rent out for $15/ea. Rentals are due back within 3 days.

Candy jar rentals at $7 each. Includes scoops.


We do not offer in house consultations. We create a sample box for you to try our flavours, the website is loaded with information for you to take a look at, then we ring you to chat about any questions and put your order together.

Contact us


Email us at infothimblecakes@gmail.com.


Call us at 613-695-0109.

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Orders need a two day notice but we always have our products in stock, please come on in!

(Only wedding cakes and 10"& 12" cakes need an order) 

Deliveries unavailable on Monday, we are closed :)
Deliveries arrive between 10-4, unfortunately no specific times available with online orders.
Please call if you require a specific time.

Thank you!